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Our Cows

At Mecox Bay Dairy, we believe that ‘Happy Cows Make Happy Cheese!’ Animal comfort and care is paramount and a driving concern of all that we do. Our capable herdsman, Claes Cassel, has spent over thirty years in the care and keeping of cattle, and tends to our herd of over 20 milkers. We also raise heifer calves born here on the farm, along with ten beef cows per year.

Our beef cows are all grass-fed on over 30 acres of pasture that has been in the Ludlow family for five generations. Our milking cows are also primarily pastured, eating hay in the winter, which makes for excellent milk and therefore delicious cheese!

New calf with heart-shaped markings!

New calf with heart-shaped markings!

The gals enjoying life out in the pasture.

The gals enjoying life out in the pasture.

Our Milk

Most people who visit us expect to see Holsteins – black and white cows – but we raise exclusively Jersey cows. Jerseys are not only known for being especially sweet and friendly, but also for producing milk that is higher in fat and protein. For a cheese-making operation, this is an important quality, as it contributes to the uniquely rich and flavorful quality of our cheeses.

All our cheeses are made with raw milk: milk that has never been pasteurized. The pasteurization process destroys all probiotics and vitamins that occur naturally in cows’ milk, and the cheese that comes from pasteurized milk is inevitably less flavorful. When you purchase a gallon, we bottle it here on the farm right in front of you, so you can be sure that your milk is pure and fresh.

Our Cheese

A great deal of care goes into the making of each cheese – we believe this is the way it should be. Our artisan approach produces unique cheese you won’t find anywhere else. Because it’s handmade, you can expect to encounter subtle differences wheel-to-wheel, but the high quality and depth of flavor is constant. 

We recommend trying each one to find your favorite. As Art likes to say, his favorite cheese is whichever one he is eating at the moment!

Clockwise from top left: Mecox Sigit, Farmhouse Cheddar, Atlantic Mist, Mecox Sunrise.

Clockwise from top left: Mecox Sigit, Farmhouse Cheddar, Atlantic Mist, Mecox Sunrise.

Atlantic Mist.png

Atlantic Mist
Our cross between a Brie and a Camembert, the Mist has the flavor and texture of a Brie, but in the size of a Camembert! This “mini Brie” is decadently creamy and has a mushroomy, woodsy flavor.

Farmhouse Cheddar
A young English-style cheddar, our Cheddar is aged 8 months. It is soft and creamy with a flavor that is sweet and pleasant, like the temperament of our Jersey cows.

Mecox Sunrise
Our stinkiest cheese (and also our favorite)! The Sunrise is a washed-rind tomme, aged 3 months. It is pungent, memorable, and makes an adventurous addition to your cheese repertoire.

Mecox Sigit
This alpine-style cheese is aged 2 years, and has a buttery, nutty quality. Named for the matriarch of the Ludlow family, it is toothsome and dry, like Marjorie “Sigit” Ludlow’s humor!

Sigit Reserve.png

Sigit Reserve
We select just a few special wheels of Mecox Sigit to stay on the shelves for up to five years to become Sigit Reserve. This rare variety has a strong nutty flavor, and crystallized amino acids add a satisfying crunch to every bite.

Young Sigit.png

Young Sigit
This mild and creamy alpine is similar to a Cantal Fermier, and is aged less than one year. It has a soft interior, with the same buttery sweetness found in our raw milk.

Bascom Blue.png

Bascom Blue
Our new take on a Stilton-style blue cheese. Crumbly, bright, and distinctive.


From the native American word for "south wind," this cheese was inspired by the breeze that blows over Mecox Bay and through our pasture. Like the wind, this cheese is gentle and mild, with a creamy texture.

This delicate, fresh classic is available only during the summer. It is refreshingly light with a creamy texture.


Our Beef

All of our beef cows are raised on the farm, antibiotic-free, and grass-fed on our 30 acres of pasture. Beef is USDA inspected and humanely processed by Smucker's Meats in Mount Joy, PA. We offer the following cuts of beef:

  • Rib steak

  • Porterhouse steak

  • T-Bone steak

  • Sirloin steak

  • Sirloin tip steak

  • Chipped steak

  • Hot Dogs

  • Short ribs

  • Flank steak

  • Skirt steak

  • London broil

  • Ground beef

  • Burger patties

  • Beef Jerky

A juicy rib steak.

A juicy rib steak.

A delicious Mecox Bay Dairy pork chop! Photo:  Sang Lee Farms

A delicious Mecox Bay Dairy pork chop! Photo: Sang Lee Farms

Our Pork

Our pigs are 100% Berkshire heritage breed, known for making the most flavorful pork. Producing pork fosters a symbiotic relationship with the dairy because the pigs are fed whey, a byproduct of our cheese-making operation. This diet also contributes to the superior quality of the meat. Like our beef, our pork is antibiotic-free and USDA inspected & processed at Smucker's Meats. We offer the following pork products:

  • Chops

  • Country ribs

  • Spare ribs

  • Tenderloin

  • Lard

  • Thick-cut hickory-smoked bacon

  • Italian sausage

  • Maple breakfast sausage

  • Country sausage

  • Sage sausage

Our Thanksgiving Turkeys

Our Thanksgiving turkeys are well-known locally for being juicy and delicious! Turkeys are raised on the farm throughout the summer and pastured next door to the cattle. They are then vacuum-sealed and sold direct to you, fresh for the holiday.

Turkeys are SOLD OUT for 2018! Please check back next year, or call us to join our waiting list.

A fresh & delicious Mecox Bay Dairy turkey! Photo:  Hamptons Aristocrat

A fresh & delicious Mecox Bay Dairy turkey! Photo: Hamptons Aristocrat